The registered accounting firm KPMG AB was re-elected as the company's auditor until the end of the AGM 2022

The meeting resolved that the Chairman of. the Board will receive SEK 800,000 (previously SEK 700,000) and each of the other directors will receive SEK 350,000 (previously SEK 325,000)온라인바카라주소

as remuneration until the AGM 2022. Additional consideration shall be paid to the Chairman of the Compensation Committee in the unchanged amount of SEK 100,000 and director of the Compensation Committee will receive unchanged SEK 50,000. Further,

it was resolved that the Chairman of the Audit Committee shall receive unchanged SEK 150,000 and directors of said committee will receive unchanged SEK 80,000.

"During the first quarter we saw strong sales and demand growth. We also experienced significant headwinds in terms of cost inflation and currency impact, affecting our operating result by SEK 1.3 billion. Despite this, we delivered a very solid adjusted operating result of SEK 2,789 billion (SEK 2,572 billion), representing an adjusted operating margin of 14% (12.8%).

Organic sales development in the quarter was 8.6%, with net sales of SEK 19,865 billion (SEK 20,085 billion). Sales were significantly higher in Latin America and Asia and relatively unchanged in Europe and North America.

We are already implementing measures across both Industrial and Automotive to compensate for rising input costs.

The Industrial business delivered strong results, with an adjusted operating margin of 16.3% (15.5%).

The Automotive business continues to perform well, with an adjusted operating margin of 8.9% (6.0%).

The first quarter is historically lower in terms of cash flow generation. The sharp increase in demand in the quarter also contributed to increased working Total. As a result, cash flow was SEK -702 billion (SEK 1,930 billion).골드피쉬카지노